Friday, March 29, 2013

First time


Done with one interview! Ehehh. Baru satu.. Yang lain ntah berape interview diorang pegi, and I only done with one interview? Okay lah tu! At least I done with it! I went to this marketing company yesterday. So, this is my second time I went to KL with all this public transport. I took Union bus go to Pekeliling. Then I took Monorel go to Raja Chulan.

This is my day. When I arrived there, all that I can see is only the high buildings! Oh mann. I'm alone to find that company in between of those big buildings! I tried to call my friend and guess what, she not picked up my phone..! Ohh no. How can I find the Plaza See Hoy Chan..? So, I just walking, walking and walking and keep calling my friend. Okay. She's not pick up the phone. I decided to ask people there. I asked one girl, where is Plaza See Hoy Chan? She gave me a direction.

Me : Excuse me me. Can I know, where is Plaza See Hoy Chan?
Her : Oh.. You go straight until you see the traffic light. Then , you turn left and just go straightttttt until you find the Ambank building.
Me : Okay2. Just go straight la? So, where is the PSHC ?
Her :  Then, when you see that Ambank building, you will see a bigggg camel at the building. That Ambank trademark. Haaa. PSHC is in behind of Ambank. 
Me : Alright. I got it. Thank you miss aaa! *Smile*
Her : You are welcome. *Smile* 

Ahhh. I followed the direction given by that girl. And I saw a big camel at the building. Oh god. I still cant see the PSHC! Suddenly my friend called me back. Fuh. Alhamdulillah. Syukrann. She gave a direction to go to PSHC. haaa. JUMPE pun! Then, the company is at level 10. I meet my friend and she gave me a referral form. Then, she asked me to go to next building and go to level 8 for interview session. Wow. Interview? So scaryyy.. haha

So, I go to level 8 and asked the receptionist that I have an interview today. She gave me forms that need to be filled. It's just all about my family and my information. I also need to answer a several comprehension questions. I just got 7 correct answers out of 11 questions. hahahahaa okayy whatt.

Then, interview session begin. 4 candidates in one session. Normal questions.
  • Briefly explain about yourself. 
  • What do you know about this company?
  • Why you want to work at this company?
  • She asked a several questions about transport, where we are stay and bla bla.
  • She gave us 2 situations. What if.. What if.. Which one you want to choose? Why?
  • What is your experiences that can make you work at here?
  • If you cant make your work, your boss will scold you in front of your colleagues. Can you face it? 
  • Any questions you wanna ask me? ( I asked a several questions, bla bla bla )
  • She start explain what actually this company do, salary, annual leave, EL, bla bla bla
  • So, if let say you are accepted to join to this company, I'll call you in this week one or two. If you not receive any call from me, I'm sorry.
  • Thank you. DONE! fuhhh. 
After all is done, I just going back to Bentong. 

That was my first experience in the interview session. It's quite okay laa. If I have rezeki from Allah, I will get this job. If I dont have rezeki on this job, I'll try to another place. It's okay. At least I've try right? :)

P/S : I miss my cats. Mioww. :) 
P/S : As usual, I need to go to Pandan Jaya Ampang every Saturday. Urgh..

Monday, March 18, 2013

RKSS second batch. :)


Hi all.. :)

So, what's the topic for today? haaa. Actually i wanna share about my experience that I've joined last week. That programme is related with accounting, auditing and taxation. This is a workshop that assist graduated students to increase their employability  or something like thatt laaa..

FYI, I never know about this programme before. I knew it from feimao, my classmate. [ his name is firdaus actually. feimao is his nickname that given by me and laila ] HAHA. Ok ok. Then, I just give my name to him to join this programme.

I registered around 8.10 am at Plaza Peransang at Pusat Bandar Shah Alam. So, I meet my friends there. They are Munzir, Feimao, Zaqwan and Afiq. Actually Fida also join this workshop. But, because of she got an interview and she got that job, so, she can't join this workshop.

Then, En Razak introduce about himself. He is the owner of A.Razak & Co. His face is looks like Amitha Bachan! :p Ahaaa. Without any ice-breaking, he just started his lecture. He is explained how to do the full set account. From A to Z. That time, we just use the ledger, journal or anything relates. We do the account, general ledger, open accounts, etc. Everything is by manual. The next day, we still continued with full set account. But , this day we learned how to do the full set account by using the UBS.

Most of the time, En Razak just story about his journey as an accountant, auditor and how he's success until now. He is actually motivating us to do the best in our life. Everything is money like he said. Haaa.. Okay, go back to our topic just now. Then, we had learned how to audit the company. This part is quite boringg laaa. Because I can't catch up it at all. And the last one is about taxation. I like taxation. I like to know how they make it until they even no need to pay the income tax. One day, if I get a job, and my salary is more than RM2500 and eligible to pay personal tax, i'll make sure that my income tax is NIL. I'll deduct everything that i can such as zakat, books or whatever.... Err. It is IF I GET A JOB AND MY SALARY IS RM2500 ABOVE. IF

Everything is okay until the last day of the workshop. We got the certificate, CD, book and notes given by A.Razak & Co. We snapped some pictures together with A.Razak and Peransang's staff. After a few minutes, my friends and I that are from UITM Dungun, snapped picture with En Razak. Then, happy ending. hahahhaa

Next day, I went to Pandan Jaya by public transport. They just want us to sign attendance as a prove we go there. Purpose? Ahaaaa. If we go there every Saturday, 4 times, so, Selangor will give RM500 every month. It's a bonusss what? Rezki comes from Allah. :)

That's all. After that, Afiq, Ana and I go to Times Square. Ok. Later I'll story about this. I feel like sleepy and I better go to sleep. Already 12.44am and it's too late laaa kan?

Till we meet again ya!


P/S : go and watch 'warm bodies' lah! best lah jugak. I give 4star over 5star. :p
P/S : will upload pictures by tomorrow. :)


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last day UiTM



Hye2! Yeyyyy! I'm free! We arrived at Bentong almost 3am okayy semalamm! Ayah aku sampai terengganu pun dalam pukul 6 petang. Lepas habis final, aku terus kemas. Ye laaa, tak sempat kot nak packing barang semua. Sebab banyak sangat! hehe

Dalam pukul 10 malam baru bertolak dari Terengganu, balik Bentong. Sebab nak jumpa my lil bro before kitorang bertolak ke Bentong.

So, this is the end of my life in UiTM Dungun as Bachelor Accounting student. There's a plenty of memories we created together. Fuh! Unbelievable! But believe it! Its almost 5 and half year aku stay kat Dungun? It's a longg timee tauu..haaaa But, every meeting will have its farewell right. The night after the last paper (excluding me), kitorang ade buat BBQ. So, tu laa malam last kitorang sekelas berjumpa. Exchange hadiah masih2.. Makan same2. Borak2. Dan aku ade buat kad kecil untuk classmates aku. Tande ingatan laa kan. Lame jugak aku nak siapkan kad tu untuk 25 orang. haha

After this, kalau rindu-rindu ke, haha, just contact with twitter or facebook jer la kann.. :')

Anyway, tak sabar nak tunggu result. Sebab sangat takut untuk tengok result. Sekarang ni aku just harap dapat lulus jer semua. Wakaka. Apa pun, semoga semua berjaya hendaknya.

P/S : Kalau rajin, akunak buat entry special khas untuk classmates aku. Seriously. But, if rajin laa. Kalau tak, hurm.. alamat nyer, duduk jer laa dalam draft ni lame2. Ekekekee..

'Dan aku ade lagi berpuluh puluh draft yang aku tak publish lagi dalam blog ni tahu?! HAHA'

Bile waktu menjadi semakin singkat.

Assalamualaikum semuaaa..

Hey hey! Dah tahun 2013 dan aku masih tak tulis ape ape dalam ni? Macam tak percaye, siti suriani yang dulu selalu dan suke berblogging dah tak minat berblog dan menulis lagi??? HAHA

Tengok, kalau duluuuu, haaa. Kalau boleh setiap hari nak tulis. Macam macam. Biar pun entah ape ape yang ak tulis, tapi tetap nak menulis kan.

Tapi. Itu semua dulu. Mungkin sebab sekarang macam macam benda nak kena fikir. Macam macam benda nak kena buat. Atau mungkin aku lebih suka bertwitting dan berFB dari berblogging sekarang? hehh. Manusia kan boleh berubah. Kadang kadang dari sesuatu benda yang dia suka, boleh berubah arah kepada tak suka. Dan sebaliknye. Am I right?

But no worries. Kalau aku ada masa, and ade ape ape yang aku nak tulis, aku tetap akan menulis. Cuma mungkin macam dulu. SITI SURIANi yang suka luahkan perasaan kat blog. No, aku bukan macam tu sekarang. Biarkan apa yang berlaku, dibiarkan sendiri. Kalau sedih, biar sedih tu aku kongsi dengan orang yang terdekat. Kalau gembira, mungkin aku kongsi dengan kawan kawan dan family. Kalau marah aku lepaskan lah dekat mana mana. HAHA.

So btw, aku pun tak tau, berapa lama dah aku tak berblogging, DAN juga tak berblogwalking. Sorry laa kawan-kawan yang minta kite blogwalking kat blog korang, nanti kalau kite ade masa, kite terjah blog korang ye! :)

Last but not least, aku harapkan keajaiban berlaku. Expect the unexpected!

P/S : satu je bende aku nak buat dengan family aku tahun depan. Ade rezeki insyaallah. semoge Allah permudahkan. :)

P/S : aku seronok dapat kenal dengan setiap kawan kawan baru dan lama aku. sekian terima kasih.