Friday, March 29, 2013

First time


Done with one interview! Ehehh. Baru satu.. Yang lain ntah berape interview diorang pegi, and I only done with one interview? Okay lah tu! At least I done with it! I went to this marketing company yesterday. So, this is my second time I went to KL with all this public transport. I took Union bus go to Pekeliling. Then I took Monorel go to Raja Chulan.

This is my day. When I arrived there, all that I can see is only the high buildings! Oh mann. I'm alone to find that company in between of those big buildings! I tried to call my friend and guess what, she not picked up my phone..! Ohh no. How can I find the Plaza See Hoy Chan..? So, I just walking, walking and walking and keep calling my friend. Okay. She's not pick up the phone. I decided to ask people there. I asked one girl, where is Plaza See Hoy Chan? She gave me a direction.

Me : Excuse me me. Can I know, where is Plaza See Hoy Chan?
Her : Oh.. You go straight until you see the traffic light. Then , you turn left and just go straightttttt until you find the Ambank building.
Me : Okay2. Just go straight la? So, where is the PSHC ?
Her :  Then, when you see that Ambank building, you will see a bigggg camel at the building. That Ambank trademark. Haaa. PSHC is in behind of Ambank. 
Me : Alright. I got it. Thank you miss aaa! *Smile*
Her : You are welcome. *Smile* 

Ahhh. I followed the direction given by that girl. And I saw a big camel at the building. Oh god. I still cant see the PSHC! Suddenly my friend called me back. Fuh. Alhamdulillah. Syukrann. She gave a direction to go to PSHC. haaa. JUMPE pun! Then, the company is at level 10. I meet my friend and she gave me a referral form. Then, she asked me to go to next building and go to level 8 for interview session. Wow. Interview? So scaryyy.. haha

So, I go to level 8 and asked the receptionist that I have an interview today. She gave me forms that need to be filled. It's just all about my family and my information. I also need to answer a several comprehension questions. I just got 7 correct answers out of 11 questions. hahahahaa okayy whatt.

Then, interview session begin. 4 candidates in one session. Normal questions.
  • Briefly explain about yourself. 
  • What do you know about this company?
  • Why you want to work at this company?
  • She asked a several questions about transport, where we are stay and bla bla.
  • She gave us 2 situations. What if.. What if.. Which one you want to choose? Why?
  • What is your experiences that can make you work at here?
  • If you cant make your work, your boss will scold you in front of your colleagues. Can you face it? 
  • Any questions you wanna ask me? ( I asked a several questions, bla bla bla )
  • She start explain what actually this company do, salary, annual leave, EL, bla bla bla
  • So, if let say you are accepted to join to this company, I'll call you in this week one or two. If you not receive any call from me, I'm sorry.
  • Thank you. DONE! fuhhh. 
After all is done, I just going back to Bentong. 

That was my first experience in the interview session. It's quite okay laa. If I have rezeki from Allah, I will get this job. If I dont have rezeki on this job, I'll try to another place. It's okay. At least I've try right? :)

P/S : I miss my cats. Mioww. :) 
P/S : As usual, I need to go to Pandan Jaya Ampang every Saturday. Urgh..

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