Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hari hari minggu ku. hiks

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu malaysia.

Weh yeah! Long time not update this messy blog since from Arip's convocation till now. lol

Ahaa.. Yesterday, Atie and I, snapped a lot of pictures at Terengganu beach. And yeah, both of us took pictures like crazy! When I counted all the pictures, the total was 288 pictures!!! gilerrrr arhhh..

So, let me share a few of our pictures. Layanzzzzz..!

Yuuhhuuuu.. koya.. hiks

Atie and I. haha Ni pics baek2 jerrr..

Like budak darjah 3 lari2 to get a lollipop. haha

Ahaaaa. Then, after Zuhr, Atie, Mila, Miftah and I went to Rose' wedding. And yeah, she's really beautiful and Alhamdulillah she found the good man in her life. 
Congratulations to both of you.

Congrats Mr Ib and Madam Rose. :)

Sweet brides. :)

Let's we potong2 kek! Yey!

Before balik.

Hantaran from perempuan.

Hantaran from lelaki.

Ahaaaaaa.. So, ni laaa my activities pada hujung minggu semalam. 

P/S : This and next week is the 'GILER' weeks sebab banyak giler assignments, test, and presentations. 
Arghhhhh.. huuuuu

ANyway, see you again in the next post! daaaaa hiks.. :)

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