Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Assalamualaikum readers ! :)

Ahaa. Now is 4.37pm. There's no works for me right now. *Sigh*

On my lunch hour, a several of finance staffs make a special farewell for Kak Zati.. Today is her last day doing her practical in this company. Yeah, as an accounting practical student at UiTM, we still have one more semester to be completed after we have done for our practical. So, she need to start for her new semester next week. Then, we make a farewell to be a besttt memories to Kak Zati..! :)

Oh yeahh.. Unluckly, there's no pictures yet. I can't show you how happiness + a bit touching moment we celebrated that farewell. So, our lunch for today is Nasi kukus, Secret Recipe's cakes[chocolate and Maribel cake] and sunqwick drinks. oh yeahhh.. [She got presents : Elle watch and Zati's jersey ] So sweettt.. :)

*This morning until my lunch hour time, I'm had done my works. Done making a Lockbox. Oh. What is it? Ahaa. It's just a system to show a payment from debtors everyday. And to make sure that payment paid are tally with system. Seriously, it's really confusing me to do this lockbox!*

P/s : I have 5 months left to complete my practical. weeeee~

P/s : I gonna watch Adnan Sempit 2 movie this Saturday. Who wanna join, please raise up you hand! LOL!

P/s : Pictures will be downloaded after my friends and I upload those pictures.

Thank you for reading.