Saturday, January 29, 2011



The time rite now is 12:20pm..:) tik tok tik tok tik tok...

FB..!! one of my fren already upload our MCMF's convocation to his FB.. i like..!like..!like that pics!! oke...sharing is caring rite...soooo.... tadaaaa..!!! these are my frens n I, when we're at Dewan anexxe(dont know hw to spell it) for our convocation..u know what..that's my 2nd convo for whole my life..even it's a simple convo,.nevermind..the things is I alrdy attended 4 TWO convo..!!haahahaha... :p

mood : exciting


my classmates batch 4-Fantastic 4!!

I've received my certificate..PASS oke!!

my sporting frens <3 we go..!! oke..they are my bf n my them much..!

oke..that's all bout that pics..if there are interesting pics, I'll share it wif u guys k...

i c u when i c u...:)


**credit to en.darkzy for these pics..:)

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